IT Chapter 2

I've been holding out to write up a small review of IT Chapter 2, but now with a week to go here's some of my thoughts:

This was a great addition to part 1 but a few things fell short for me. The biggest thing was the over use of CG instead of practical effects. This made some scenes feel more like a cartoon and that took away from the creepy factor that I would have loved to seen. It's also filled with jump scares to break tension, which has been overused and to me is a cheap way to go.The casting was good but Bill Hader was by far the most memorable. Overall, for a nearly 3 hour film, IT Chapter 2 was filled with lots of emotions: I laughed, felt uneasy and even teared up a bit at the end.

So when IT Chapter 2 hits box office next week... I still highly suggest you see it in theater.

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