Psychotronic Challenge Day 19: VHS Day - The Invisible Maniac

For this challenge, I get to review a film that has only hit the light of our once most viable format, VHS. The DVD gods never gave it the luxury in placing it in the thin digital official disc format. This movie was perfect for me to review cause I own a copy of this film that was just about to conjure a vanishing act until fans such as myself keeps it alive.

The Invisible Maniac is a 1990 horror comedy written and directed by Adam Rifkin (Chillerama, Small Soldiers).

A Mad scientist who invented a serum to become invisible escapes from a psych ward and disguises himself as a high school science teacher. As he goes on teaching, his students begin to pick on him until he starts his vengeance on them after he perfected the formula to become invisible.

This film is filled with three things: lots of nudity, slapstick comedy and quite a few interesting death scenes. If you ever wanted to see someone die from choking on a sub sandwich, then you're in for quite a mouthful.

Also have to mention if you do see this film, listen to the alternative rock song while the credits roll. That song is sung by Dan Povenmire, which was the co-creator of the Disney animated series Phineas & Ferb.

This saddens me that we never get to see a ridiculous fun film such as this one not in fully restored vision like many others. If you see it around, catch it before it takes the invisible serum again.

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