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Psychotronic Challenge: Day 27; Modum Onerariis; Night Train to Terror [1985]

Night Train to Terror is apparently about a train ride to... I can't tell you where that would be a spoilers! But I will tell you that both God and Satan are on board, and are currently in a heated debate about who goes to heaven or hell! This movie is split into three segments, all by a different directors! [John Carr, Phillip Marshak, Tom McGowan & Gregg C. Tallas] Each a snippet of life from those who are to be judged!

This flick has a bit of blood, maybe too much unnecessary nudity, corny special effects, bad dialogue annnnnd continuity what's that? If you are chill with all those things and love being confused, watch this, or don't. Hey! It's a cult classic!

P.S. If you, like Mabel [from Gravity Falls] are terrified of claymation. D o . n o t. w a t c h.

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