Psychotronic Challenge: El Dia De La Bestia- Satanic 2016

Satanic directed by Jeffery Hunt is my choice for Scarecrow Video's Psychotronic Challenge. 85 minutes of pure hell. Four friends on there way to Coachchella decide to detour their road trip to play tourist at a few true crime scenes. After touring various crime scene locations their adventure leads them to an occult shop. Here is where the bad decisions begin. After not receiving the customer service that they deemed acceptable the four decide to follow the creepy Satanist clerk to wherever he is going after the shop closes for the night. Nothing bad has ever happened by following a stranger to a dark location.

This movie is awful. The characters played by Sarah Hyland, Claire Mamet, Steven Krueger, and Justin Chon are the definition of cliche. Granted there are a couple of bloody scenes where I had hope of the movie redeeming itself. It never did. Zero on screen demons. Zero on screen monsters. Only two cult circles. Nothing to be afraid of besides the weird things happening to the bad decision makers. Even the ending leaves you like why?who?okay.....

Save yourself. Don't click play.

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