Psychotronic Challenge: Math and Numerology: Pi (1998)

Pi is Darren Aronosky's break out film and my choice for Scarecrow Videos Psychotronic Challenge for Math and Numerology. A number theorist named Max; played by Sean Gullette, steadily goes insane while trying to discover an elusive code that controls the stock market. His paranoia, hallucinations, social anxiety and cluster headaches only intensify as he continues his pursuit.

The film is a dark and surreal take at hubris and rebellion in the quest for knowledge.

Movies filmed in black and white have always been a favorite of mine, be it for budgetary or stylized purposes. In this scenario it only helps add to the paranoia and atmosphere that we are taken through. It is a highly intriguing flick and I highly recommend a viewing, numbers don't lie.

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