Psychotronic Challenge: Puppets or Dolls: Puppet Master (1989)

Puppet Master is a series near and dear to my heart. It all started in 1989 under Full Moon productions. Flash forward twenty years later and we now have twelve titles in all, plentiful of murderous puppets, cross overs, and an origin story that can't seem to make up it's mind. I digress, lets get back to what started it all.

Four psychics arrive travel to the scenic Bodega Bay in search of the infamous Andre Toulon's hiding place. The alchemist master himself had committed suicide fifty years ago in order to escape the clutches of Nazi spies.

As the night goes on the puppets begin a a rampage, with each tiny assassin being more bizarre and mischievous than the previous. Premonitions, warding spells, and sex magic galore are no match for these malevolent minions of mayhem and murder.

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