Psychotronic Challenge -That Soundtrack Though: Dèmoni (Demons) (1985)

My choice for Scarecrow's Psychotronic Challenge - That Soundtrack Though: One where the soundtrack is more impressive than the movie itself - is, Dèmoni (Demons) (1985) - This Italian Horror film is directed by Lamberto Bava, whose father is Mario Bava, who kick-started the giallo film genre, one of my personal favorite genres. It's also produced by another giallo film pioneer, Dario Argento, who had taken a short break from directing to help write the screen play for this film & its sequel, Demons 2. Dario Argento has collaborated with the band Goblin for some of his past films, such as Suspiria and called upon their keyboardist, Claudio Simonetti to write the films instrumental soundtrack. While other great artist are featured, such as Billy Idol, Mötley Crüe, The Adventures, it's the haunting songs by Claudio Simonetti that really steal the show.

From the beginning of the film you can tell it's going to be an interesting ride. The first character you're introduced to is Cheryl, she is seen riding a Berlin subway train that's approaching her stop & it appears to be empty. She gets off the subway train & it's soon evident that she's not alone as she's chased by a strange man wearing a mask. To her surprise he's not chasing her to inflict any type of harm, but instead he tries to give her a pair of movie tickets to a local, recently renovated, cinema called the Metropol. She accepts the tickets and convinces her friend Kathy to skip class with her and come watch the film.

Once at the crowded theater you notice there are many different kinds of people there; from a married couple, boy friend & girl friend, a blind man & his guide, a pimp and his two prostitutes and two college guys that Cheryl & Kathy sit with in the theater. One of the prostitutes, Rosemary, finds a strange mask in the lobby and tries it on & gets a cut on her face from it right before the movie starts.

The feature film is a horror movie about four teenagers who discover an old tomb and dig up a fortune teller from the sixteenth century named Nostradamus. When they open the coffin they're surprised to see there's no body, just a book and a mask identical to the one in the lobby. One of the teenagers puts the mask on and is scratched, then he turns on his friends and slaughters them with a knife.

Rosemary starts to not feel well and goes to the bathroom where her scratch on her face explodes with puss and she starts to mutate into a demonic being like the one in the film. She then attacks her friend, Carmen, who transforms into a demon after ripping through the movie screen in front of all the movie goers causing a mass panic.

I don't want to give away the entire plot or how they handle this ever growing problematic situation, especially if you haven't seen it yet. But the next scenes are over the top and the lack of logic from these characters is hilarious. I definitely suggest it, not only for the story but for the soundtrack... It's killer.

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