Psychotronic Challenge:Too soon; Kids under 12 meet an early demise - Cooties (2014)

Cooties was my choice for my psychotronic category challenge.

The film an american horror comedy directed by Jonathon Milott and Cary Murnion (Bushwick, The Off Season). Written by Leigh Whannel (Upgrade, Saw) and Ian Brennan (Scream Queens).

The film is about a an elementary school teacher named Clint (Elijah Wood) and a faculty must survive a zombie outbreak within the school that only infects children.

From the name of the movie, I thought it was a very creative idea for a new vision of a zombie outbreak scenario as it quickly conjures flashbacks of childhood around school. Was a great blend of horror and comedy, especially the gym teacher named Wade played by Rainn Wilson (The Office) with his perspective on surviving flesh eating children.

As for the idea of how the zombie outbreak happened, I believe it was a common way but had quite a twist especially knowing that it only infected children. Knowing it only infected the elementary school students didn't stop them from wanting to eat adults. One zombie child isn't too bad to combat with, But just imagine a school full of them and you're stuck in a building with them.

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