Psychotronic Challenge: Unheard Until...: Hush (2016)

Hush is the sixth film of Mike Flanagan's career. The tale spun of an author named Madison (Kate Siegel) who lives isolated out in the woods. All is alright with our main character until one night her house is beset upon by an intruder. You may be thinking you've seen this a thousand times but this flick offers a new take on this specific genre: Our protagonist is both deaf and mute.

The film will often switch from a third perspective to Maddie's and it gives an interesting point of view, going from hearing the ambient sounds of the woods and background to muted tones can be a good mind flip and really good take on forcing narrative. Another interesting spin they did was showing you her wild imagination. She often runs scenarios playing through her mind that will play across the screen as she is trying to stay one step ahead of her assailant.

This film offers you chance to step away from your senses from time to time, a view that a lot of us take for granted. I highly recommend and thoroughly enjoyed.

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