Scarecrow Video's Psychotronic Challenge, Institutionalized - An antagonist from the funny farm.

Alone in the Dark, is my choice for day 25. This is an American Slasher & Jack Sholde's director debut. Alone in the Dark is also an early New Lines Cinema production.

This film doesn't only have one antagonist, it has 4 murderous men who escaped "The Haven" mental health facility. These 4 dangerous men are -"The Preacher" he sets fire to churches with people in them, "The Bleeder" who gets nosebleeds after each time he kills someone, "Fatty" who is a child molester and lastly, Frank Hawkes.

These 4 men seize an opportunity to escape "The Haven" during a power failure. They head towards a small, New Jersey community where they prepare to wreak vengeance on Dan Potter, a hospital assistant they're convinced had killed psychiatrist Dr. Leo Bain.

Alone in the Dark is a fun, twisted & amusing film full of black humor, thrills and terror. Can't go wrong with a body count of 11 & a kill where a man gets a hatchet in his back & it gets slammed in further with a baseball bat, brutal! Tom Savini even helped out on some specific effects on a monster apparition.

Overall, I feel this is a pretty underrated slasher film and I highly suggest watching it if you have never seen it before. There's also a very fun song titled 'Chop Up Your Mother' by 'Sic F**ks' it's very catchy and it easily gets stuck in your head, take a moment and give it a listen.

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